Some Frequently Asked Questions about Food Sense:
  • What is Food Sense?

  • It is the opportunity to stretch your food budget by purchasing quality food at a discount. It is a not-for-profit food buying program made possible through the Food Bank.

  • Who is eligible?

  • Everyone is eligible to purchase food from Food Sense. There is no income requirement.

  • How does is work?

  • It's simple. Just order and pay in advance at your local Food Sense site. The cost is $15.50 per unit. Cash or food stamps accepted. (No checks please.)

  • How often do you have this offer?

  • Local centers, including the Potsdam Neighborhood Center, order units every month.

  • What is in a unit?

  • 13-15 food items including: fresh fruits & vegetables, meats and grocery staples. An example of an average monthly food unit: 1.8# beef sirloin steak, 1.9# roasted chicken, 1 1/2# breaded fish nuggets, 2-5 oz. packges of turkey cold cuts, 1# ground turkey, 1 Stouffer's frozen dinner, 2 1/2 dozen small eggs, 1 apple pie (unbaked), 5# red potatoes, 2# onions, 1# carrots, 6 navel oranges, and 2 pink grapefruit.

  • What are "bonus" items?

  • "Bonus" items, also called "special items," are offered at an additional cost to those who purchase food units. Typical special items include: a 7# case of Hormel hams for $14.50 and a case of Pizza Pocket Sandwiches containing 48 5 oz. sandwiches for $17.00.

  • To request more information on Food Sense, see our Requests for Information.

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